Thursday, January 20, 2000

Bass Pro Shop Saltwater Team Report

About The Fish

We’ve got concentrated Redfish as there isn’t a lick of water in the bays and Hog Trout over grass in the sand pockets of the back lakes. I had a 7 and ¾ lb. log off the sand and grass yesterday morning. The water in the back lakes was shredded by the wind and fishing the structure came only from experience of it’s wherabouts. Carmel would best describe the color. I also managed to jerk a 21” Trout from the area as well. I was throwing purple/chart bass assassins with 1/8 oz. jig heads. Using the typical slow up and down retrieve yielded little and I kept grassing up. On one productive drift, I felt the bait grass up so I jerked the hell out of it and cleared it. As it settled, WHAM, and the 21” Trout came to hand. Using the same action a little later in the drift and BOOM, Redfish, no Trout, no Redfish, no Trout, Redfish, yep yep yep the 27” Suzy came to the surface with the menacing look of a downsized version of a Great White Shark.

This was no day to be fishing as the wind was pumping out of the north at better than 20 knots and it was COLD. Surprisingly, the best bite was shortly after day break and that was about all the time I had to fish. We’ve consistently been on fish over grass all winter with good strings of both Trout and Redfish. It doesn’t look like its going to slow down, even in a cold gale.

About The Birds

The ducks have been in hit and miss lately. We’ve got plenty of birds, but they are moving in big groups and landing in the same, raft mode. The geese are on and off grass depending upon the weather. It seems when the weather is hard, they hit the greens just to bounce off them when the high pressure hits the region. We had a 32 bird kill and a 23 bird kill on Saturday with good killing weather. We are shooting mostly Snow geese with a good mixture of Specklebelly and Canada geese.

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Capt. Kris Kelley
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