Monday, September 10, 2001

Fall Redfish Migration Patterns, POC


By Capt. Kris "Double K" Kelley


It’s that time again, time for the Redfish to stage up for the big move to the gulf. We welcomed Blue Bell Creameries in for two days and I started off Saturday with the unfortunate duty of scouting while the other boats ran to the fish. Saturday was such a change from trips the previous two days under milder winds and ever moving freshwater. Friday afternoon, the winds began building to 30 knots at midnight ahead of the cold front that arrived mid-day on Sunday.

We had a lot of unanswered questions and I answered them with poor results by the end of the trip on Saturday afternoon. The other boats scored far better than my 9 Trout and 3 Redfish box. Keeping up with the fish under 25 plus knot winds; moving freshwater; approaching cold front, was a difficult task. Hats off to Team Coastal Captains Brett Phillips and Mike Patterson. Brett came to the ramp with 11 Redfish and 9 Trout while Mike backed him up with 13 Trout and 5 Redfish. Team Coastal Capt. James Cunningham worked several scouting spots that I couldn’t get to. By the time he figured everything out, the damage was already done and he limped back to the ramp with two Redfish and one Trout.


Fortunately, we learned enough about the Redfish to put an absolute slaughterfest on them for Sunday. Scouting over, it was DOUBLE TROUBLE as we ganged up on them. We caught the fish working the tops of reefs amid heavy whitewater pounding on them from the waves on Saturday. This was enough of a key to focus on for Sunday. I was the first to find them “solid” in a classic staging location.

In less than five minutes all three rods on the boat were screaming and at one point I thought one of the anglers was going to get spooled. The fish were criss-crossing and the rods looked like dueling anglers at times. We never lost a fish and they all ranged from 25 to 31”.

After several quick phone calls, we ganged up on them and beat the front. The boys couldn’t fish past noon as everyone had to get on the road. The winds totally died around 11:30am. By that time, the fish had sealed their fate. We stuck the last few fish in the box and POORED ON THE COALS to get into Shoalwater before the 35 knot norther hit us at straight up NOON.

Check out the photo on the web page at A 12 man full limit of middle slot and larger Redfish is an impressive sight. When it was all said and done we had 2 Bulls; 2 Drum and 15 Trout to top off the 36 Redfish.

We alternated between Crab, Croakers, Pin and Piggie Perch to get the job done in San Antonio Bay.


We are pleased to welcome Shannon Tompkins, Outdoor Writer for the Houston Chronicle to our Texas Trails Lodge this weekend for the best Teal/Fish combination Texas has to offer. We are also pleased to welcome Richard Rorschach; Simon Cicada; and Scott Pool in for some rod bending. AS ALWAYS, WE CANNOT THANK OUR NEW AND EXISTING CUSTOMERS ENOUGH!

For all the CCA members of the Mid-Coast Chapter, Capt. James Cunningham and I will be giving a seminar on September the 18th at “The Feed Lot” in Victoria at 6:30pm. Come by and let’s talk fishing, we look forward to meeting you!

NOW IS THE TIME TO CONSIDER SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER DATES. The “Blue-winged Rockets” of the north are right around the corner in September along with some awesome fishing Fall topwater fishing. We have recently picked up numerous new Dove hunting properties for our combination parties.

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Capt. Kris Kelley
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