Monday, November 10, 2003

Rattle Snake Encounter, Seadrift Goose Hunting

You can’t say enough about the duck opener, second split that is. We hosted 17 shooters opening morning on 11/8/03 and managed to shoot 95 out of a possible 102 birds. Teal, Gadwall, Wigeon, and Mottled Ducks dominated out straps. Joe Byrd and sons limited around 7:00am while moving onto the flats early and limiting on Redfish to 26”. Gary Fields and his son Ross hosted a four man shoot that managed full duck limits around 8:30am. The fun part of this trip was Capt. Mike watching his dog Mattie hunt up and straddle a 5’ estimated 5” diameter “black back Rattle Snake”. We’d been seeing the long rattle black back while working on duck blinds but he keeps alluding us. One thing for sure, before too much longer, we’re going to get him or he’s going to get us. If he’s smart, he’ll find a hole and climb in it. The introduction to artificial lure fishing was a little rough on them but the goal was some nice Redfish and Trout for dinner. The party met their goal under the “Guide-ance of Capt. Mike Patterson returning with some solid Redfish and keeper Trout. Gresham Smith from Arlington managed to keep his 8 man bachelor party under control and everyone made it for breakfast at 4:30am “bright-eyed-and bushy-tailed”. The shooters in the group limited around 7:00am with Capt. James Cunningham calling the shots. Capt. John Witty beat half limits for the other four shooters “out of the bushes” while putting the party on some nice Redfish to end the day.

Sunday 11/9/03 had us back in the thick of things with 12 shooters returning for Day 2. Capt. Mike Patterson limited with Gary Fields party of 4 in 20 minutes. Guide Joe Carpenter pulled limits out for Joe Byrd and sons. Capt. James Cunningham led his bleary-eyed bachelor’s to half limits. Capt. Brett Phillips struck a chord with the remaining two bachelor’s standing to bring in half limits on ducks as well. As a rule, we typically don’t carry guns, our customers kill their legal limit of birds and they either hit them or they don’t. You won’t find any guides killing birds out from under you around here. If that sounds like a breath of fresh air and a new look at waterfowling, give us a call. This is always a busy time for us, but we can always make room for new friends and fellow waterfowlers.

Airboat Redfishing is looking up despite “seasonal high water”. Joe Byrd and the boys managed to “catch and release” Redfish on Saturday. I’ve been running over the fish a in some very shallow water. Our first stop had Redfish tailing within 20 feet of the airboat in two minutes after shutting down. Joe Byrd senior was hooked up on a 26” Redfish within five minutes. We spent most of our time in the Welder’s Flat’s area in less than a foot of water.

This norther has done little for dumping our Fall Flood Tide, but we know it won’t last much longer. Wednesday is looking like some strong weather as another serious blow hits the coast. This is the time of year to keep your eye to the sky and always between YOU AND HOME. Birds continue to work incessantly above the Intercoastal in San Antonio Bay. Wind drives the feeding and there are some solid keepers in the groups. Try working the edges for a rare look at “fishing the birds in San Antonio Bay”. Trout are and will continue strong over mud/grass and mud/shell throughout the Winter and Spring. Think “warming mud” and watch your timing for the best feeding opportunities. As our water gets colder, it is your opportunity to drag out of bed late, hit the water late, and smash the fish. That sounds like ANY GENTLEMEN’S PERFECT COMBINATION. Throw in some HOT WING SHOOTING and I believe IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER.

I’ve got pictures up from the latest trips on my web page at and hunting photos may be viewed at Check them out when you get a chance. Click on the photos to view an enlargement.


Capt. Kris Kelley

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