Monday, April 26, 2004

Team Croaker Soaker Takes All

Capt. Mike Patterson in Rockport worked his Babes On The Bay magic again on Saturday. He was guiding “Team Croaker Soaker” which included Crystal Schone, Lory Mummy, Cary Patterson, and Kelly Nesloney. The weigh in consisted of three Trout and one Redfish. “We didn’t even need our Redfish to take the tournament” Mike said this morning. Mike said “We took first place by 4.5 pounds and that’s a heck of margin to cover on a four fish tournament.” If you want to talk about shutting the door on the competition, check out this tournament stringer. The tournament allowed one Trout over 25 and two others under 25 plus the Redfish. Mike’s salty team caught a 30” Trout for the one over class and then managed two Trout at 24.75” for the “under 25” category. “I measured a 28” Redfish and entered it but when it hit the boards, the weigh master came up with 28 and a hair over which disqualified the Redfish.” “We were allowed to substitute another Redfish which was pretty lenient of the tournament directors”. The 23” Redfish Mike weighed in yielded less than the 4.5 pound margin of victory so the Redfish was pretty much a moot point.

This marks the second win for Mike in the history of the Babes On The Bay Tournament. Between Mike and Capt. Brett Phillips, the twosome have taken the tournament five times. Mike has come close in recent years with some respectable second and third place finishes only to be edged out by Brett. I’ve enjoyed working with both these guys for nearly a decade now. Mike has been with me on waterfowl since day one and Brett came in the next year.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from both. The circle of talent these two run in has bled through the phone lines and that’s been a big plus. It’s the “talk” between guides that catches the curves and the ebbs and flows that are important. Mike’s Babes On The Bay win is only the most recent news coming out of Rockport lately. You can find the really big news at and it concerns a serious movement among Croaker fishing guides and others in the heart of Texas saltwater fishing. Check it out, WHEN I HEARD THE NEWS IT BUCKLED MY KNEES, FLAT OUT STUNNED ME, AND I NEVER THOUGHT I’D SEE THE DAY!

When you visit my web page, keep in mind it has been involved in an “over haul” for the last month. We’ve got some big things going on with “big game” hunting coming for the 2004/2005 hunting season. Some of the pages are still under development, however.


Capt. Kris “Double K” Kelley

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