Monday, April 25, 2005

Airboat Redfishing Visual Effects

A Sight To Behold

You expect to see things in an airboat that you just won’t see any other way. That’s one of the fascinating and exciting things about these trips. Yesterday was probably the pinnacle of “visual effects” on an airboat Redfishing trip. I was entertaining Matt Barker and his family from Houston. The water had fallen out slightly, about four inches with this latest cold front. I was heading up a slough into a back lake when I started noticing an eruption of mud boils from the deep water in the cut ahead of me. I slowed way down, off plane as I continued moving up the slough. I didn’t realize it, but the little water fall out put almost every fish from a huge back lake into the slough. I was essentially herding them back into the lake as they boiled and leap frogged over each other moving up the trough. As we entered the mouth of the lake into the “skinny water” things got interesting and “visual” fast. The fish came in herds out of the slough up onto the dump out flat in about four inches of water right in front of us. “They looked like Salmon going up stream” with backs out of the water, tails thrasing as they were scooting into the deeper backside of the flat. Terns and Gulls were going crazy, bait was flying out of the water, and everywhere you looked was nothing but red torpedoes slashing into the slightly deeper mud pockets.

I wasn’t too sure we could catch these fish, my experience with Redfish in 8” of water is not real good with bait. The fish usually don’t eat well, spook easily, etc. They’ll swim over it, around it, everything but eat it. This day was different. We set up on the deepest upwind side of the dump out cove and the fish slowly made their way back to us. Tails and mud boils were everywhere constantly throughout the morning. I targeted two different sets of the deepest mud pockets in the grass in front of us and kept the baits in those locations. To my surprise, the fish were eating and interested in taking the baits, “fresh dead shrmp” so big that you’d rather eat them than fish with’em. The fish had been running toward the lower end of the slot on the last few days. This too was an exception with the first fish coming to hand pushing 27”. I’m expecting the thrashing of that fish to “kill the bite” and shut us down for a period. Another exception, it didn’t. Size continued in the upper middle of the slot and every Redfish that came to the boat beat the client down with big runs and tremendous fights.

With Live Croaker coming of size around here early, the days on the airboat are winding down. I’ll be running for the next couple of weeks if anyone is interested in one of the most unique trips you’ll find anywhere. If you like fishing with bait want to see something different, this is it. Check out the photos from this airboat Redfishing trip and others this Spring, check out Airboat Trip Photos.

Other News

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Capt. Kris Kelley
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