Saturday, April 16, 2005

Airboat Trip, Redfish In Shallow Water

Airboat Redfishing continues hot despite the battles fought in extremely low water. Had a big tide the other day but it's fallen out again. I hate dealing with Redfish super skinny and clear. Caught them in Back Post Lake in a draw. I sat down in 6" of water and put the clients in a little draw in the middle of the lower lake that was probably 14" deep. All the fish had fallen into it from the outgoing tide. Same drill as a couple of days ago, different day. Had to abandon the back lakes on the Island as tide continued to fall with E. at 20. Left there two fish short and finished up in lower Shoalwater near the Spooge Pit. Better fish, though bleached out from being in the bay and not skinny like the back lakes fish.

Fishing John Burley with Burley Waterhouse in Houston and some friends. Did about an hour of C & R after limits, then lunch. This was a nail biter at first. Five stops roughly into the morning and we didn't have the first fish.

Double K
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