Friday, April 15, 2005

Old School Wintertime Redfishing

Team Coastal welcomed Inland Truck Parts multi-boat trip yesterday from Scottsbluff, NE. With their corporate meetings behind them in San Antonio, it was a day to get “Bowed-Up”. I insisted that they not leave San Antonio before 6:00am which put their arrival here at roughly 9:30am. There is no point in starting early during the late Fall and Winter months. This was proved on the water with the best action occurring between 12:00 and 3:30pm.

The Team Coastal break down went like this: Capt. Mike Patterson took the big boss alone for a “personalized” trip with artificials. Capt. Brett Phillips took two others for fishing with artificials. The remaining five clients had done little fishing but wanted to catch some fish. Capt. Otis Lambright took two and I took three.

Capt. Mike and Brett focused on the sand pockets in the back lakes between Pringle and Pats Bay. Brett came in with 15 Trout 16-21”; one Flounder roughly 18”; and 3 Redfish to 23”. Mike and the big boss, Matt Volmer beat the fish hard coming in with full limits of solid Trout from 16-22”; 2 Redfish to 23”. The best artificial bite was on red/white Bass Assassins tipped with 1/8oz. jig heads. Working the deeper mid-lake sand pockets yielded multiple hook-ups on any given drift. Purple/chart and pumpkin/chart had little success today.

With Capt. Otey-Coyote and myself backing up the trip with the bait fisherman, we bent the boards with solid boxes of Redfish to 26.5”. Capt. Otis Lambright was on a good but lower end slot Redfish bite from the start. He focused on fishing the deeper holes in the back lakes and came in with 8 Redfish to 23”. I went about ZERO for 12 moves before settling on our last stop that yielded 7 Redfish from 21 to 26.5” between 2:30 and 3:30pm.

Winter months are prime for fishing with artificial lures, just look at the numbers. Capt. Mike and Brett’s boxes totaled 35 Trout; 5 Redfish; and a Flounder. Fishing with fresh dead shrimp is lethal for Redfish this time of year. However, it is much more intricate because you are either on the fish or you are not. Fishing with bait will require a narrow focus and pinpoint “where with all” in making the sets. Drifting with lures can cover a lot more water. If the fish are scattered, your chances are a lot better throwing plastic.

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