Friday, April 15, 2005

Port O'Connor Airboat Redfish Trip

Airboat Redfishing has been unparalleled this Spring with high tides all Winter. That has kept the fish “local” in the far back reaches of Matagorda Island in airboat country. The fishing has been strong but at times uncomfortable due to weather conditions. Lately, “Spring has Sprung” which has led to some heavy catches combined with the most enjoyable weather. That’s a welcome combination. As we move farther into Spring, the weather is just going to keep getting better. On the Trout scene, lure fishing has been up and down with the weather but by and large rewarding. Drift fishing over shell has coughed up some reasonable boxes for the effort. Wade fishing shorelines and focusing on harder bottoms and shell when the weather permits has paid off with some solid returns.

In other news, I just put the finishing touches on my bay boat, she’s been completely rebuilt and overhauled this Spring. I re-powered with another Suzuki 4-Stroke and went with a Tech Sun all aluminum trailer. After six years and nearly 1,500 days on the water, the old girl was ready for a face lift. I rode her pretty hard over six years and have yet to find anything on the market that would inspire me to replace her. I know there are better boats in certain categories, but I’ve yet to see one that will match the “overall” performance of this commercial Avenger hull. Special thanks to the folks at T&R Marine that furnished the jackplate (Fl); Tech Sun Trailers in League City; Busha Boat Works in Bay City; Jamestown Distributors (MD); Raka Industries; the folks at Interlux Yacht Paint; Seaworthy Marine in Rockport; and my buddy Steve Fowler that talked me through this pride swallowing siege.

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Capt. Kris “Double K” Kelley
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