Friday, April 15, 2005

Port O'Connor Fishing Report

The schedule on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was as full as it could be. I welcomed Bob Lindsey's party in from the northwest for a half day fishing until 11:00am which was followed by the Applewhite/Byrd half day fishing party with an evening Dove shoot to wrap things up. The boys from Mariah Fuels joined us as well on the shoot. Saturday and Sunday, Applewhite/Byrd for a cast and blast and Mariah Fuels on the Teal ponds. Who said being a fishing and hunting guide is STRESS FREE. The corporate world is a tough one, but in this business, you go for a job interview EVERY DAY!

I'm sure as soon as Bob Lindsey and the boys touched down from Seattle, Wa. that it triggered the 20 knot winds out of every direction that we've had for the last week. You can always tell when low pressure is looming on the horizon, winds on the Texas Coast will always be pumping out of a southerly direction.

Bob and the boys had been in for three days and had a total of roughly 10 fish to show for their individual efforts. Stepping on the Bowed-Up, results better be a little different. With a south wind at 210 degrees, my only guess was the Aransas shoreline. Fishing was slow but productive over shell. The crew managed a slow bite on Redfish to 25" and Trout to 20". NO SIGNS OF RED TIDE IN SAN ANTONIO BAY.

Doubled back to port to clean fish and meet Walker Applewhite and Joe Byrd and crew. By now, the wind was steady at 20 knots and surging. With Dove on everyone's mind, we put forth a half hearted mid bay shell attempt and came up with a few break-offs on Redfish. Grabbing the shotguns wouldn't be interrupted with a bunch of fish cleaning today.

Saturday found winds steady at 20 knots directly from the south. Everything was blown in San Antonio Bay. Pulled up in Welder's and potlicked Redfish to 26" and Trout to 18". Again, the bite was slow but fish were caught on each small adjustment in the area.

Sunday, with the cool front bearing down, fishing was abandoned in lieu of a Teal hunt which yielded a little better than half limits. New birds hit the slough and were landing in the deeks.

Winds are easing up but we still have an offshore flow. Tide has fallen slightly which should help push the Red Tide out of POC. Wind direction doesn't hurt either. Bait trappers have reported zero bait from the traps or dead bait in the traps located in the immediate vacinity of Port O'Connor.

Prior to the front, we had a BULL TIDE which was almost in the parking lot at Dockside Bait and Tackle in Seadrift. It is this very tide and falling temperatures that set the back lakes up for a TOPWATER shootout. Coming weeks will find the artificial bite responding with some awesome surface action.

The back lakes from Pringle west to Cedar and Panther Lake will be home of the Bowed-Up in coming months. I hope you won't pass up some of the best fishing of the year. Check out the Field Reports Page on my web site at for our thoughts on the upcoming waterfowl season. When it comes to fishing, the bite is headed from deep shell to the shallow grass flats. Hit the grass early and often and you're sure to be


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