Sunday, May 08, 2005

Bait Fishing Report 05/08/05

Travis w/Brett Riff Party 05/07/05
Nice back country bruiser
Airboar Redfishing

Low pressure deepening over the western plains has found us dealing with strong and gusty ESE winds all week. Airboat Redfishing had been struggling amid low water and fish on a lackluster feed. This produced hard fought limits during that time. Things are re-bounding at this time on the Airboat with some blistering action in the skinny water.

Popping cork shrimp is up and down right now as well as Croaker fishing which is not good at this time. The wind is bleaching a lot of back lake water "gin clear" while more exposed water over shell is chocolate milk and virtually unfishable. We’ve got to get a little "south" in this wind and some warming conditions for the Croaker fishing to heat up. The baits are reasonable in terms of size, but lack that "kick" that they need, and condition is a little rough. That will all change shortly, right now, it’s a little early and our fish are not real interested in them right now.

If you are thinking of a trip in June or July, now is the time to be finalizing trip plans. You don't have to be a super talented "wade fisherman" to fish with me. I take everyday people and turn them into "fish catching machines". Don't be intimidated, give me a shout, let's get . . .


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