Sunday, May 15, 2005

Fishing Report 05/15/05

Hal Moorman and sons putting the last hammer down on the Big Reds
and solid Black Drum in the airboat this Spring.

Let me apologize for the hanging board photos that adorn this article. I needed something to dress it up with and my photo creativity is lacking at present.
Monday was about the last day on the airboat this Spring. It ended a good run with a strong finish for Hal Moorman and sons. Thanks to everyone for making this an awesome Spring for me behind the stick on the flats. Croaker fishing is trying to get a "jump start". It’s definitely a transitional period right now and there’s going to be some sputts and sputters early. It feels early for us and I can pretty much tell that the fish agree. There are a lot of fish running around out there will full egg sacks and that’s not good for freelining finfish. Once they drop their eggs, the first wave of "post spawn" fish seem to congregate and kick things into high gear. That’s a week or two a way I think. A little weather stability won’t hurt anything either.

Bill and Kay Schmaltz fishing with me Saturday, full limits of Trout to 22"

About the only thing going on currently is shallow and medium depth shell. Back lakes grass is gin clear and stagnating currently. We’ve lost a lot of water the last couple of days and that’s not helping anything over grass. With all the freshwater last year, we did not see any water movement from early May until August 17th but a one way flow toward Port O’Connor. If it were a tide, it would have been outgoing. That direction always coincides well with a southerly wind direction in our water and the fishing was correspondingly "awesome". Well, that was last year. This year, we’ve got salt on the First Chain up into SAB. Along with that comes incoming water from POC and outgoing water to POC. The last few days have found things very slow early with an outgoing tide coinciding with a Southeast wind recently and a North wind today. That’s a wind at your back and a tide in your face, that’s tough sledding. About mid-day, we’ve picked up an inbound tide from POC and that’s been a good thing with fast action. If things hold for a while, this will be a year to blow the dust off of the "tide timing tactics" playbook for moving with good and bad water. It will be a day to day determination as to what’s good and what’s bad water. One days bad water will be the next days good water color. Intercepting that water over viable structure and willing fish is going to be key. But hey, there’s nothing to this game. I’ve probably cursed us to even talk about "salt water". Think of me if you see a 24" flash flood over San Antonio in the next few weeks.

Congratulations go out to Capt. James Cunningham and his crew. James and the boys won Big Stringer and Big Redfish in the Uncle Wigglies Tournament on Saturday. Their five Trout and two Redfish went 30.82 pounds and that Redfish went 9.90.
If you are considering a trip in June or July, now is the time to finalize trip plans.


Capt. Kris "Double K" Kelley’
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