Sunday, May 01, 2005

Fishing, Slow But Steady!

Pictured are Jeffrey and Mikala Yule that flat put an ass whoopin on their Dad Chris Friday, 4/29/05. Nice job kiddos, he needed it!

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We continue to fish among a “medium low water” environment here this Spring. It’s fitting that we were flooded all Winter with big tides and lots of water while most had their fishing rod in the closet opting for the gun instead. I’m somewhat concerned about the Summer outlook if this water level continues to be on the low side. Gusting 30 knots out of the South for days last week found no improvement in water levels in the bay. That’s a new one on me. Despite what are challenging conditions, Airboat Redfishing continues steady as “its season” starts to wind down. Things have gotten a little slow lately. Surprisingly, the fish have really been on the move in and out of the shallows.

One day they are their in big numbers and the next day they vanish. The next couple of weeks will hopefully find my prying the waters looking for Trout with Live Croaker on my bay boat. The baits are a little small right now but coming on fast. Popping cork shrimp is still viable for anglers looking for both Trout and Redfish. The shrimp is getting a little pricey as they are getting big, however. Decent numbers have been coming off of the First Chain, Pringle, and the Intercoastal Waterway. A customer of mine, Jim Turlington called me Saturday afternoon after having fished through the “gale force” Norther. He called to “thank me” for “teaching them well” as they had limited on the outside beach of Shoalwater on Redfish. Nice job, Jim!


Double K
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