Monday, May 30, 2005

Port O'Connor: Three Positives and a Negative

Trout size and numbers are up and down right now with variations in conditions. Limits and near limits have been common but extremely hard fought for during the Full Moon phase over the last week. I had 27 Trout for party of 4 first time Croaker fishermen on 5/25; Capt. James Cunningham had 20 Trout on 5/25 for a party of 2; Capt. Scott Hataway bailed me out big time on 5/25 with 30 Trout to 26" for some very good customers of mine. I had 40 Trout with a party of 4 on 5/26; Capt. James Cunningham had 30 Trout for his party of 3 on 5/26; I had 38 Trout for a party of 4 on 5/27; I had 30 Trout for a party of 3 on 5/28; Capt. James Cunningham had 30 Trout for a party of 4 on 5/28; Capt. Jame Cunningham and I both struggled Sunday with less than half limits of Trout due to pre-dawn storms that "raked the area" with 30 plus knot winds from the North then switching to 20 plus knots out of the South. Check out our slideshow of picture highlights.


Fisherman have been required to "stay" with the technique and "stay focused" despite slow bites, poor stops, ripping tides, and uncooperative fish. They aren’t jumping in the boat by any means and it’s taking all we’ve got to get the job done. Any little bump along the way can be devastating. All of the fish are coming off of shell in any of three different bay systems and there just aren’t that many fish over that structure at this time. Problem is we haven’t been able to locate them over alternative structure to date with any "density". Another problem with shell as of late especially around the Island Chains is huge currents that we are not accustomed to seeing. This is very hard when freelining anything. Thus, what fish are over shell are at times "un-catchable".

Fishing has to get better on the waning Moon because it can’t get any more difficult than it has been lately.


Capt. Kris Kelley
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