Sunday, May 22, 2005

San Antonio Bay, "Apres Fish"


Solid connections with serious shell Trout have settled us into a pretty good rhythm lately. There are still some sputts and sputters but the last four days have yielded limits or very near limits for those interested in taking fish home to eat. We are working shell in 2 to 4’ of water over shell with live Croaker, freelined. Some of the spotty action has been the product of big tide currents associated with the Full Moon that are opposite wind directions (not too hot when freelining anything). The fish have been laying behind humps and crests, getting out of current, ambushing bait. This is especially true on any kind of easterly wind direction as seen early in the week. Once you figure out where they are tucking in out of the current, the game is on. With the temperatures starting to heat up and the Easterly winds fading, broadcast schools of fish on the prowl should become more common. There has been a pretty good “egg drop” in the last few days on this Moon, and that’s good news. June should be an awesome month for fishing.

Light Westerly winds Saturday and a falling tide yielded quick limits of 18 to 22” fish Saturday for a bachelor party hosted by Russ Rinn. Afterwards, we did a little “Apres Fish” afterglow prowling in SAB above the ICW. This bears watching but it’s still got a long way to go. We managed to catch a few Trout despite a complete lack of wind during the “Scout phase” of the day. The water is still horrible in places but it wants to settle. While there’s a lot of salinity in the area, there still appear to be huge concentrations of fresh water that are “stirred easily” in any kind of wind.

Things were much slower today for me with a strong Westerly wind, muddy water, and a moderate incoming (juxtaposed) tide, but full limits were clawed out to 22”.


Capt. Kris “Double K” Kelley
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