Monday, June 27, 2005

"Catching Up In July"

Starting Tuesday of last week and fishing straight through to Sunday, our clients managed full limits to 24" everyday with the exception of Tuesday and Thursday which produced "near limits". We are freelining live finfish over a variety of structures but primarily shell at this time. Depth hasn’t been much of a key as of late as timing, wind coordination, and current. Timing is catching the water improving or disintegrating; wind coordination is working with wind direction at certain parallel or perpendicular angles to structure, tapers, and drop-offs; and current speaks for itself, but we are focusing on current breaks if juxtaposed to the wind. Best case with the tide velocities I’ve seen this year, catch it running with the wind and get to the fish quickly for best results.

Maybe the fishing is going to get serious here in July, I’ll let you know.


Double K
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