Monday, June 20, 2005

Full Moon Rising


Success for the week depended upon a number of factors with "tenacity" being on top of the list. Half, near, and full limits of Trout were experienced through the week for our clients with wind being key. Sunday, 06/17/05, was the most impressive "rebound" with Trout to 24" and a strong feed over shell and improving water conditions. What the wind does during the day is and is not relevant. If the wind is 10 knots and "perfect" while fishing, it is of little relevance if it ripped at 25 knots all night. The damage is done overnight and "catching" will push late in the day amid improving water conditions. If the wind was slack all night and it’s blowing 20 at dawn, it’s very relevant. An aggressive approach is necessary to take advantage of disintegrating water conditions prior to total gutting and raking.

Water issues will be the number one focal point in success on the water this year. That’s a period and end of story for the ESB and SAB area presently. A quick read of what is "fishy water" and what isn’t has kept me in the numbers lately despite large voids and dead zones. Timing will be the second major issue this year of major importance to recreational anglers. Clearing or disintegrating water conditions are more productive at present than "water that looks great when you get to it". Gorgeous green water with little turbidity over prime structure is filled with hard heads and skip jack presently. Two choices, clear green or off color, you will find me in water that is "clearing" or "clear water that is murking or disintegrating". That’s a San Antonio Bay "fish catching 101".

Predictions I made earlier in the month "coming off the Full Moon" that fishing would have to improve on the "New Moon" ended up being "by default". I wasn’t impressed with the fishing in our area during the Full Moon amid strong tides and winds with excessive "gutted and raked water", and for June couldn’t imagine anything but improving fishing on the New Moon. This prediction was not correct and fishing remains a "day to day" challenge. We are still dealing with wind issues and water in San Antonio Bay that remains "unfishable" due to "excessive turbidity" even in the presence of slacking winds and strong tides.

Happy Fathers Day to everyone, good luck and good fishing.


Capt. Kris Kelley
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