Sunday, June 05, 2005

Taking Air At Breaklight


"Consistently Large" would be the headline coming off of shell over the past week. Trout pushing 26" have been common and expected. With "sour black skinny water" dominating the back lakes of (Pringle, Contee, 5th) and "shallow" upper bays (Shoalwater, Dewberry), it seems they have little choice than to frequent outside beaches and shell structure at this time. 5/31 through 6/2 saw a continuation of full and near limits for Capt. James Cunningham, Capt. Scott Hataway, and I. With winds pushing 25 to 30 knots 6/3 through 6/5, I’ve seen a decrease in the numbers averaging around half limits over shell in both ESB and SAB. On 6/4, Capt. James Cunningham shifted gears to Redfish and Drum managing full limits of Black Drum to 28" with ½ limits of Redfish in the middle slot with fresh dead shrimp for his party of three. The Drum are on the outside beaches of SAB and ESB but you’ve got to find them and then try to keep up with them. Water was on the mend today, 6/5/05, late morning with Scott Smith and guests. We designed a strategy of "quick stick and move at dawn" last night to beat the wind. Taking 3’ of air and a constant saltwater Baptism at break light showed us that Mother Nature was one step ahead in winds gusting close to 30 knots. We managed a little over half limits for their party of four with fish to 23" as things settled around 9:00am. The weatherman is clueless right now when it comes to wind and I’ve seldom seen NOAA this far off as they have been lately. If the mending water holds for the week, I expect fishing to improve for "Freeliners".


Capt. Kris "Double K" Kelley
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