Monday, August 01, 2005

Gals & Soft Hands

The best way to start off August, "how about Trout limits at 9:00am". It’s been either a "smoker" or a "rock, paper, chisel" out there lately. Today I welcomed Billy Kubiak and his daughter Melanie for a day of fishing. As usual, women can’t help but dominate the freelining game. Tractability and soft hands seems to be a consistent theme. I’ll never forget last year, I had two couples fishing with me. The gals were out fishing the guys about 7 to 1 and I literally had to put the "wives" in "timeout". Yeah, don’t think the boys have ever lived that one down!
Anyway, tides are super low and I was working well off the edges of everything today. Water was in good shape despite a little nagging WNW at 10 knots. San Antonio Bay is at minimum levels of marginal adequacy with regard to salt content. Lots of small fish and pockets of better fish nearby. I can’t get over this one spot, I call it "shut off" reef. It’s pretty unusual to get fish rolling just to have them wander off and go lock jaw. Shut Off Reef the last half dozen days has been good for 6 to 18 solid Trout and then "poof", there gone. As soon as this happens, it’s vaminos muchachos because they aren’t going to roll again.

Bait of choice lately has been Pigs on the medium small side freelined over medium depth shell.

Double K
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