Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina Brings Some Water

Having been at ground zero for Claudette, a little Category 1 Hurricane two years ago, our thoughts and prayers are certainly with those dealing with Katrina at this time. One thing I learned then was what I’d always heard about a calamity like this and that is "the aftermath is worse than the storm itself". "True dat".

Anything I say in a fishing report now is already dated. With a substantial north wind and water push from Katrina, patterns have most certainly been altered. I’ll be leaving the known fish looking for new patterns to emerge "on what little window of high water" we may have. I’ll be looking for fish tighter to structure. Hopefully, we’ll get a serious flushing in the back country to set up the Fall run at Redfish. If we get to keep the water, it will be a blessing and possible hammertime. If it all falls out after Katrina subsides, it will be back to the patterns of mid-August. Best thing I’ve seen lately is Trout and Redfish mixing and running the back side of reefs on the mud side with a quick shell drop-off. Shrimp relate to mud and I believed that’s why they were there. This was quickly "shot down" when surveying stomach contents which contained Menhaden, and big ones. Why exactly the fish were hanging over mud is anyone’s guess.

Capt. Kris Kelley
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