Monday, August 15, 2005

A Picture Is Worth Three Words

High wind and low water ills have reared their ugly head the last few days. All it takes is a picture to sum up Trout fishing pretty quickly. Redfish and large slot Black Drum have been taking up the slack. With low pressure diving all around us and sucking up the wind amid this "low water year", the big Drum can make the difference between setting the hook or hauling water. The fish are on the shorelines and off the breaks because they can’t get into the back lakes at this time. This is identical to what we ran into in June and it was the June "learning curve" that led us back to this here in mid-August. There is a little early bite followed by a shut down until about 10:00-11:00am. Between 10 and 1 is when I’ve been doing the best on these bruisers. Crab has been the go to bait and there is a ton of pin fish and other bait robbers. This pretty much rules out shrimp. When things start to "kick in" on this late bite, the bait stealers aren’t nearly as thick.

I expect Trout fishing to leap off the charts when things settle out a bit. Until then we’re going to have our hands full with high winds, low water, and a Full Moon. This should be interesting to say the least.


Capt. Kris Kelley
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