Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Checking In Post Hurricane Rita

It’s hard for me to write a fishing report with so many along the Gulf Coast suffering from the effects of Hurricane Rita. With the crosshairs on the Port O’Connor area for days, we are in the process of putting things back together and unpacking. While untouched by the storm as it veered toward Port Arthur, we are "smooth worn out" from all of the storm stress and preparations prior to the landfall. While we were spared, Wendi’s brother lost everything including his home and business in the Bridge City area of Orange, Texas. I am sure that many may have family in the storm zone and to those we wish the best.

In keeping this short, I cannot close without thanking all of our friends that we’ve made throughout the years that expressed their concern for our safety; opened doors of welcome; and, dug in with serious elbow grease relocating our assets out of the impact zone.
I’ve got quite a bit of fishing coming up and I will let you know how things are looking as soon as possible. We did pick up some water from the storm and that’s good news. With back to back cold fronts coming, we should be setting up for some cooling water and awesome Fall fishing.


Capt. Kris Kelley
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