Tuesday, September 06, 2005

High Water Hammertime

Thanks to all those selfless and tireless Katrina volunteers showing the nation and the world the true spirit and determination of people in The Lone Star State!

Fishing the last few days has given a surreal sense of re-acquaintance with a bay system that has been so devoid of water this season. Everything looks different with more water in the bays and at times you have to do a double take looking at something that just doesn’t feel right. Well, we are anything but "flooded" but there is definitely more water in the bays here heading into the Fall. Many anglers are watching water levels and staging runs at all kinds of venues up and down the coast.

As expected, with the water pushed in from Katrina, I looked at the mud and grass environs with an emphasis on Redfish during recent unsettled weather and North winds. Sure enough, the Redfish and Drum "aren’t" on the beaches any more. Fishing for Redfish has been explosive and productive of late. It’s just the kick needed to head into the cooler months of Fall.


Capt. Kris Kelley
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