Monday, September 12, 2005

Laissez Le Bonton Roule

It’s like clockwork, add some water and high wind in August and September and I typically run into the second opportunity at large female Trout full of eggs for the year. Releases the last few days have seen fish 26" and pushing 29". With the bays filling with "fresh rejuvenating gulf water" the fishing has responded greatly. The last few days have seen solid angling with regard to action and quality. I’ve been amazed to see Trout quickly dropping their eggs and thinning out, hungry, and a little pissed off in certain areas previously plagued by drought and low water. Fish I was on two-three days ago full of eggs are now lean and more inundated by male Trout to 22". Redfish are also inundating these areas in classic form.

Higher Water Cleaning The Slate

It’s the life cycle of the species before your eyes. With bay conditions deplorable through much of the year and the worst I’ve ever seen, it didn’t take long for the fish to find their "calendar" as things have improved with regard to the overall environment. It’s like gasoline and a match, except in the bays it’s "water column and fish". With many back lakes suffering the ills of low stagnated water, many were devoid of both Trout and Redfish for months on end this year. However, adding a strong Fall tide is sweeping the ills under the carpet and re-opening a new page to be discovered. With this "life giving" infusion of water here in September fish are moving into classic Fall locations. They are spawning and feeding and continuing the life cycle. Among these areas are venues like Pringle Lake, Contee, 5th Lake, the Long to Power complex, Cedar and Panther Lakes, Dewberry, and Shoalwater Bays.

It doesn’t really matter what your game is, the main thing is recognizing that now is the time to play it. We lost a little water shortly after Katrina moved inland. However, I’m pleased to report that we’ve picked up what was lost and even gained a little. I think it’s going to be here awhile and saying that we are in for a great run of Fall fishing isn’t a prediction, it’s a fact, and it’s already started. So, if you fought a few of the low water and high wind battles and came up short earlier in the year, now is the time to even things up a bit.


Capt. Kris Kelley
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