Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sucking Buttermilk

This may be the last fishing report for a little while. I’m already a day off schedule with all eyes focused on Rita’s track. I noticed the track has shifted off Galveston this morning and they are bringing it in at Palacious now. So, we are getting ready to shift into high gear around here. You might have noticed that we are in the middle of September without a single cold front at this point. North winds of a couple of weeks ago were coming off of Katrina. We like cold fronts this time of year as they give us some veil of protection against Tropical systems. It looks to me like we’re fully exposed on this one.

Let’s talk about timing for a second. Wendi and I were getting ready to hop on the Carnival Elation this Saturday bound for the Yucatan. I created a little window ahead of a busy fishing schedule in October and "pre-waterfowl" season. Carnival has yet to pull the plug on the Elation’s sailing. Since my timing is so awesome, I can envision the hurricane making land fall near Port O’Connor early Saturday morning; thrashing us nicely requiring my presence and oversight in the immediate aftermath; while the Elation slips out the backside of Rita and sets sail without us. I think that’s what you call a "double bind". Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there are any scenarios that don’t inflict pain on someone. So, if you need any help planning a cruise, just give me a shout.

On the fishing scene, Trout fishing slowed down as water levels dropped amid howling South winds and the Full Moon. Redfishing continued strong despite thrashed and gutted water.
Capt. Kris Kelley
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