Monday, October 10, 2005

From The Frying Pan Into The Freezer

From blistering hot to pretty damn chilly, I’ve been on it all here lately. Fished pre-front on Thursday drifting artificials in water pretty much reserved for airboats. The difference here was we were fishing in my bay boat. We’ve been stacked up with a bunch of water here the last few weeks. I can honestly say that I was in some country that I’ve never been in with a bay boat. The fish pulled me in there with all fish coming off the shallowest parts of the water we were working. So, I kept pushing shallower and shallower. With driving winds out of the Northwest on Friday, we stayed in the extreme back country on Matagorda Island. We located a couple of nice bites on Assassins with 1/8 oz. jig heads. Best colors were Morning Glory, Red Shad, Pumpkin/Chart, and Nightglow/Chart. Quality was an issue and we had to sort through a ton of small Trout and undersized Redfish. With the wind driving and quick overnight temperature drop, I felt pretty lucky to get on something. This pattern is a little premature given the warm water temperatures we’ve had. I think things will pick up in classic Fall form with a few more temperature dropping frontal systems.

I put the airboat on the water Saturday looking for Redfish on the first airboat Redfishing trip of the Fall season. With so much water, I was a little nervous about attempting the trip. As luck would have it, the front blew some water off of the upper marshes and this left the fish with little "wiggle room". Depth was about perfect and the first push on some fish was pretty visual. We had tails and backing fish on us pretty close right off the bat after shutting down. With the hard cold front Friday, things were a little slow Saturday early. We picked up a 26" fish pretty quick and then ran into a ton of missed fish. I haven’t seen anything like it. If we didn’t miss 20 fish, I’d be amazed. When they turned the light on and actually started feeding, hook-ups were pretty explosive and the quality and size of the fish was excellent. Numbers on the flats looks pretty good and we probably saw over a hundred fish mud boiling and running ahead of the airboat. This isn’t going to do anything but get better as we move deeper into Fall.


Capt. Kris Kelley
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