Monday, April 03, 2006

Mexico Video Disclaimer

Disclaimer For Avid "Sportsmen":

Grab a beverage and enjoy the show.

Disclaimer For "Fruit Baskets":

The video clips may contain footage that is potentially morally offensive to someone in the liberal media busy talking out of both sides of their mouth and living in a glass house. There is a strong warning to anyone previously engaged in the duck hunting business that "couldn't cut it" and sold their airboat and got out after nearly killing me, my clients, and others through negligence. This would include those making bleeding heart "protect the seagrass" comments while their wife is spinning donuts on the grass beds in a scooter boat in the back lakes. This footage should not be viewed by anyone publishing a worthless fishing rag that nobody with any “Salt” bothers looking at much less “reads”. This would be especially true of one that pitches a lofty conservation stance from the top of Mount Everett while every advertisement features a picture of some “hero stringer”of shoulder strung fish. These clips should not be viewed by anyone that could never walk the walk and is only left talking or practicing some ridiculous limited harvest and excessive conservation ethic by default.

This video should not be viewed by anyone making ficticious accusations through editorial or otherwise of those engaged in the hunting or fishing profession. This video is not for those that do not research their subject before making condemning remarks about others. This video should not be viewed by anyone that can only achieve some satisfaction in the hunting and fishing business behind the desk on a keyboard.


Mexico Duck Hunting
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