Monday, July 10, 2006

Port O'Connor Fishing Report, July 10, 2006

Despite constant rain over the last week, we managed to enjoy great success working shell in SAB and ESB. Unbelievably, I didn’t lose a single trip due to weather and the success on the water speaks for itself. Friday, July 7th was the first day I actually left the ramp in the rain and fished in the rain. Dale S. was fishing with Tom S. in from Russia and on a tight schedule. We had to push it a bit and Dale’s wife Lana wasn’t “feeling it”. Despite the conditions, we managed to limit out at 10:30am with 30 Trout and a solid mid-slot Redfish. Way to hang in there Lana! Capt. James Cunningham and his party left mid-day after the rain and managed near limits with a less aggressive bite after the rain stopped. Tracey D. and his dad were in for another trip and managed quick Trout limits and a few Redfish. Chris Y. and his party of five fished hard during slack winds and a weather break Sunday. The guys fought hard through a big slick off in the bays. We managed to stick and move until the wind started blowing and then we rolled them up around 10:00am on a little 5 knot wind pop. The crew managed to come in a few Trout short for the effort.

The bays continue to look good despite the rain and I don’t see a blow out if we haven’t gotten it yet.


Capt. Kris Kelley
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