Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Port O'Connor Fishing Report, August 8, 2006

Fishing continues spotty with narrow bands of success oriented structure and locations. Last week we ran into the first full day out going tide combination of the season. For months, we have been seeing incoming tide and/or tides early to mid-day and have patterned our catching accordingly. With things getting soft over a variety of structures and locations, the last thing anyone needed was to throw a peaking high tide at break light followed by an all day falling tide into the mix. In May and June, I’d say we had Trout on 7 out of 10 shell reefs in San Antonio Bay. Since the Full Moon in July, I’d say that number has plummeted to 2 out of 20. “Knowing the 2 has been the key for me”.

“Always the Bridesmaid” would describe any number of tournaments I fished this year placing from 2nd to 4th consistently. I fished the Swan Point Marina Lures and Leaders tournament Saturday. With a team of four first time fishing gals we managed to conquer the learning curve quickly. The weigh in was 10 best Trout and 3 Redfish. We caught our Trout with plenty of time to spare and then managed to haul a bunch of water when it came to catching Redfish. I knew if someone caught three Redfish, our Trout wouldn’t hold up. Sure enough, we ended up 2nd with 18.2 Oz. behind Pete Grey with 19.6 Oz. consisting of three Redfish and a 28” Trout.


Capt. Kris Kelley
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