Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Port O'Connor Fishing Report, October 17, 2006

Fishing was strong all week with Trout being the primary focus. There have been some ups and downs with the weather being the primary factor. Call it right one day and wrong the next. The weather was tough on Tuesday and awesome on Wednesday. Fishing Charles E. and guests from Austin, we limited on Trout promptly. Thursday morning, as the cold front approached, Capt. Dwayne Lowery, Capt. Terry Spoonmore and I made a close run with lures working up 20 Trout and a Redfish on topwaters and soft plastics over area shell. The Trout all ranged from 18” to 22”. Saturday, I welcomed George L. and his 20 guests down for a “team building” trip. With the weather worsening as the front backed up I knew we were going to be challenged. My team dug in and we all fought hard through wind and rain to make Saturday a success. Capt. Scott Hataway and I worked popping cork shrimp with half limits or better on Trout and a few Redfish and Drum mixed in. Capt. Dwayne Lowery took the lure fishing detail and managed a decent box of Trout and Redfish working tails. The remaining three Capt’s included Capt. James Cunningham, Capt. John Ashley, and Capt. Terry Spoonmore. They focused on Redfish and managed near to full limits on a slow grind.

We elected to re-schedule Sunday’s trip after dodging a bullet Saturday. With the weather worsening Sunday and the wind pumping 20 knots at break light, it looked like a good call.

We’ve got lots of ducks showing up and more cold fronts on the way this week. Fishing forecast looks good over the weekend.


Capt. Kris Kelley

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